Friday, August 24, 2012

August update

There is never a stagnant moment when it comes to Samantha. Things are usually going up, or down.

I am sorry to say that within the last few weeks we have seen yet another slow up in terms of Samantha's motor skills.  Sam has stopped walking again. And, we aren't really sure why.  We have a follow up appointment with Dr. C in Ohio again in mid-September--so perhaps he will have some additional insight.

In addition, Sammy came down with a cold last week, which she handled beautifully. For the first time in several colds, we did not have to go to the hospital for and admission and IV fluids. Val and I are very grateful for that.

Samantha is still her perky and funny self. She is still talking up a storm. But again, no walking to speak of at this point.

Speaking of walking...

Val, Samantha and I are participating in the local UMDF's Energy for Life Walk on September 8th.  If you are interesting in participating or donating, click on the link below.

Team Samantha Fundraising Page - Team Samantha's Team Page for Energy for Life Walkathon - Delaware Valley 2012

Until next time,


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